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  1. No application is downloaded in the user’s computer or phone thus saves software space
  2. Accessibility is from any computer/smart phone from anywhere in the world
  3. Remote vehicle immobilizer/restarting by use of either a phone or internet connected computer.
  4. Real time and online Tracking of the vehicle’s details from either phone or computer interface.
  5. Route Replays showing driving etiquette, stop time, excessive speed and many more parameters
  6. Indication of stop and idle times, on time etc of the vehicle.
  7. GEO Fencing (Restrict vehicle movement to a certain geographical area).
  8. Alerts of Geo Fence infringement sent to user via sms message and reports on the website.
  9. Tracking by time interval on phone.
  10. SOS Panic button to seek help in case of hijacking.(Optional)
  11. User can listen in to conversations inside the vehicle. (Optional)
  12. Printable Daily status report-shows various data such as Excess speed, idle time, battery removal, distance travelled etc of the vehicle and any relevant information about each particular vehicle.
  13. Internal back up battery in case vehicle battery power is disconnected.
  14. Unique User name and password provided for enhanced security and protection of privacy.
  15. Mileage reports are automatically generated.
  16. Low battery alerts sent to user by sms and computer platform.
  17. Device disconnection alerts
  18. Specified warranty period and maintenance schedules. (Two years)
  19. Police assisted Auto recovery of stolen vehicles.
  20. Free Training to the user
  21. Tracking by use of three medium of communication
    1. SMS command by use of a Mobile phone ( No internet connections)
    2. GPRS connectivity by use of any PDA and interconnected phone
    3. Internet based website communications which may include email alerts

Our product is under constant development and shall offer more than the above as time goes by.

Our staff will be willing to demonstrate and make presentation of our product capacity at any time. Feel free and unrestricted to contact us.

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