About Us

POLLYS TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES LTD was incorporated as a Private Limited company in 2010 in Kenya under the Company’s Registration Act (Cap 486). The directors envisaged the incorporation of the company to meet the hitherto needs of Kenyans to ultimately gain a control of their assets through the use of advancing technology. 

The security that our services offer is unrivaled yet simple, not easy, and cost effective to use. The Board of Directors consulted widely and addressed the issues that Kenyans faced to attain total asset security control at very competitive pricing. 

Pollys Tracking Technologies Ltd (PTTL) have offered a solution to our clients’ needs which will enable a service provision that is fully owned by the user and fully secured against any unauthorized tempering by use of two access platforms through the internet program and cell phone, where a client will monitor assets anytime he desires.

Our Clarion Call: We Secure Intelligently

Our Mission

We shall attain a professional, integrity based and reliable service program to meet our clients' needs at all times. We shall endeavor to go beyond our clients' expectations at all times.

Our Vision

Having met all set criteria in the industry, we shall strive to be a market leader, a reference bureau and bench makers and achieve a 50% market share and redesign the ways that clients' assets are secured and managed.

Core Values

Ensure reliability, accuracy, dependability, confidentiality and embracing of advancing technology to give value to our clients.

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