Why Choose Us

Pollys Tracking Technologies Ltd supplies, installs and manages high quality vehicle tracking services to our customers. Our products are continuously reviewed to exceed our customers’ expectations. Pollys Tracking Technologies Ltd commits to our customers, suppliers and associates to;

1. Accessibility and responsiveness

We will always be available to you. We promise to be accessible when you need us and will communicate with you concisely, timely and accurately. 

This means:

  1. Our dedicated local Customer Support team is available 8.00 am – 5.00 pm and our After-office Hours Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Our Customer Support team will aim to answer all calls in person within an average of 15 Seconds and aim to resolve all enquiries during your first contact by connecting you with the most appropriate person.
  3. Our Sales and logistical teams will aim to return your call the same day
2. Relationship, & Privacy

You can rely on our Services Safety, Confidentiality and Delivery

This means:

Our Sales, logistical Support and Quality Assurance staff have a high level of product knowledge and promote our products honestly and ethically.

  1. Our staff shall adhere to extremely high standards of confidentiality at all times.
  2. Our aim is to have all orders satisfied in full and on time to our mutually agreed service levels.
  3. Our products will always perform to the specified and featured promises.
  4. Our goal is to set the industry benchmark on safety, delivery, quality and performance.
  5. In the rare event of product failure, we will advise you of the problem as early as possible and routinely update you on our progress.

  6. Our logistics emergency response team is available 24/7 and will contact a proposed implementation recovery and support procedures in the event it is required.
3. Continuous Improvement

We will continuously strive for excellence. We will use your feedback to improve our processes and proactively work with you to deliver solutions that reduce cost and increase, efficiency, safety and quality.

This means:

We will seek your opinion regularly through a customer survey to ensure we are meeting your requirements.

  1. Our staff will regularly undertake product and business training to enhance their skills in supporting our customers.
  2. We have empowered our Quality Assurance with tools to escalate any challenges to experts for trouble shooting.
  3. The management is responsive to all constructive critics and engagements
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